Baby Sprout Bluebell

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There is a special room in my heart for a magical creatures and fairy tale stories from those times of big colorful books and good night stories when there was no limits to imagination. I’ve often been inspired by them while making my little felties and decided to create my own small collection of magical plants and herbs!

Baby Sprouts are a distant relatives of a Mandrakes, but they did not inherited bad temper and general moodiness from their cousins. They are easygoing, fun and friendly little creatures.

As a tiny buds Sprouts spend centuries deep underground,hibernating and slowly growing, until they emerge on the surface, usually in the early spring on the far side of the forest. They find tiny spots of a sunlight and stay there for the whole day–eyes closed and humming softly under their breath. And then they blossom, just once in a life, but thanks to their evergreen nature beautiful flower never wither or fade.

Unlike common flowers and plants Baby Sprouts tolerate cold just fine, running around and playing snowballs. Only bitter cold or a blizzard can force Baby Sprouts indoors. They sleep through worst winter days in a friendly squirrel’s nests, or in a tiny pots on a friendly botanist’s windowsills.

Some Sprouts prefer to stay in human’s homes all year round, they developed taste for a good company (mostly cats) and TV shows.

Needle felted Baby Sprout miniature measures about 26 cm (10.23″) tall with a pot.

As all my soft toys and collectibles, creature was created in non-smoke environment.

For my work I use soft wool, merino or corriedale types, mostly Australian, but some time I buy local – Czech wool, then I find nice structure and color 🙂

Miniature has been designed as a decorative collectible soft sculpture and is not a toy and would not be suitable for children.

Soft sculptures do not like water, so, please do not wash it. You can gently clean it with soft brush.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you!


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