Magic Fern


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There is a special room in my heart for a magical creatures and fairy tale stories from those times of big colorful books and good night stories when there was no limits to imagination. I’ve often been inspired by them while making my little felties and decided to create my own small collection of magical plants and herbs!

Ferns are an ancient and magnificent, they inhabited Earth before the dinosaurs. Many legends and superstitions surround this never blooming herb. It is believed to protect household and home, heal illnesses and help to foresee the future.
It does not require watering or sun light, just to be loved and appreciated 🙂

Miniature measures about 7 cm (2.8″) tall with a pot, and approx. 13 cm (5.1″) in diameter.

As all my toys and collectibles, he was created in non-smoke environment.

For my work I use soft wool, merino or corriedale types, mostly Australian, but some time I buy local – Czech wool, then I find nice structure and color 🙂

Miniature has been designed as a decorative collectible soft sculpture and is not a toy and would not be suitable for children.

Soft sculptures do not like water, so, please do not wash it. You can gently clean it with soft brush.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you!


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