I’m a handmade fan, living in Prague. I always loved handmade, tried lots of different things and different materials. In 2013 I discovered needle felting, and got lost in it completely! It’s a perfect technique to make your wildest ideas real and it is similar to modelling clay, but much less messy, plus you can always leave it for later.

In a process of felting, I love to watch documentaries, or rather listen to it 🙂 Prefer cosmos, science, and animal kingdom ones.

I can watch my favorite tv shows over and over again and I remember many dialogues by heart. In the case of a global catastrophe, if all the movie sound will disappear, I’ll be a big help. 🙂

Sometimes I found inspiration in nature, or wandering around the internet… I love Pinterest very much as so many ideas jumped into my head while being there! And of cause, Prague itself is a huge source of inspiration! So many colorful places, small hidden streets, unique shops, and markets, if your brain constantly hunting for ideas you even can find it in your own boring day job 🙂

Sometimes my little creatures start to live their own lives in the middle of creation. They have their own opinion on what should they become. I call it an identity crisis 🙂 First I tried to resist it, but, as it had no effect, now I just go with it. So at times, cute long ear bunny becomes stripped flying elephant. 🙂

Please write to me in case of any questions, I greatly appreciate the impressions of my site and my work!